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Click to open the xincluded document is fine and, now that I think about it, probably safer than letting someone edit a random element of one document from another.

One feature/mechanism I'd also like to see in the xinclude support is a way to crossreference to xincluded content such that you can pick the title of the xref target from a list. I'd have to research what the correct DocBook way of doing this is though…I think it may be using olinks. One limitation of XMetaL (or my customization of it) is that, using a little IDREF picker I found in an old version of the journalist demo, you only get to pick from IDREFs in the active document and even then, you're presented with a list of the IDs, not the titles. I have another mechanism using the resource manager and an xslt, but that approach has problems too and I haven't spent enough time on it to refine them away.

Currently for DocBook users you have to do a lot of scripting before XMetaL becomes a usable tool for authors. Basic tasks like crossreferencing, inserting images, and such should be usable out of the box.