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Derek Read

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Of the two, xinclude is the more important to me, especially given the difficulties XMetaL has with entities.

Interesting. I assume you are referring to file entities, aka external general entities (and not character, text or graphic entities, all of which are supported). Given the choice, would you prefer we improve the UI for working with file entities or is there a really compelling reason that XInclude is much more attractive? What exactly is it about the file entity support that you don't like:
1) You must open them in a separate document window to edit them (double click does this).
2) They don't render 'inline' (in context of the containing document).
3) When a validation error is found inside the content of the external entity while validation the containing document you cannot get to it easily (as per #1).

What we've implemented for DITA conrefs addresses #2 (in the context of DITA only at the moment).