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Derek Read

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To make mag3737's reply a little more clear, conref is the DITA equivalent of Xinclude (this is the General discussion board, not DITA so people reading here might not be familiar with that concept). It isn't exactly the same but is close enough that for most people the end result is the same. So, currently if you are working with DITA documents that is really the way to go (more because that is what DITA recommends than for any other reason). In theory we could extend how the product currently supports DITA conrefs to implement support for XInclude. We don't talk publicly about what is currently on or off of our current roadmap though (unless it is likely to never happen), so I can't give a clear answer or dates here.

It is unlikely that we would support RelaxNG anytime soon. The number of clients using DTDs and Schemas far outweigh the number of serious requests we've had for support for RelaxNG to date. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, and I don't profess to talk on behalf of our management teamĀ  (they ultimately make the final decisions on these types of things). It is more likely (in the near term) that we will spend time improving our (W3C) Schema support than implementing a brand new schema type like RelaxNG.

If you know of a specific standard (ie: not proprietary) document model implemented in RelaxNG that is not also implemented as a Schema or DTD (or cannot be implemented as such) I would be interested in that information. That might also be a driving force behind RelaxHG implementation if the particular document model is one many people are interested in using.