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oXygen and XMLMind both support xinclude. oXygen also supports relaxng.

The first requirement would be to resolve the xincludes during validation.

For editing, ideally the editor would display the xincluded content and you could edit it inline (like Serna does with file entities). I suppose if the file is locked on the filesystem, you might not let them edit that portion of the file. If that's too hard, you could do it like XMetaL does with file entites now (except it would be easier since the files you're opening have DOCTYPEs…XMetaL has serious limitations wrt opening entities as it is).

It seems like conref is just xinclude with a different syntax. Couldn't you leverage your work with conrefs to support xinclude? It's been a while since I looked at the DITA version of XMetaL, so I don't recall how it supports conrefs.