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This is generic way of creating some form of (primitive) sharing in X-Metal developer

You can use a text editor to open the .xdp file in your project directory. Add a path to the filenames under the header “files”.

For example:

I have added all the routines I use to the event macro file “On_Macro_File_Load” (see the dev. docs about  this event!). This file is shared by alle the macros and events in my different projects. The file is in a shared directory “W:XM-Shared”. I usually edit the .xdp file and change “On_Macro_File_Load.js” in “W:\XM-Shared\On_Macro_File_Load.js” (escape the backslash). All my projects share the same On_Macro_File_Load even if i dont use all the routines. I just make sure that when a routine is changed all the projects are rebuild.

I also create a macro called “Project_On_Macro_File_Load” in my project directory. This file contains the project-specific routines. At the end of the shared file “On_Macro_File_Load” I use the ActiveDocument.Host.Run(“Project_On_Macro_File_Load”) to make sure that the project specific routines are loaded.