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I have a specialization directory in parallel to C:Program FilesCommon FilesXMetaL SharedDITA_OTdtd called qimonda.
1) The minimum file set you need to do props specialization AFAIK:
my-concept.dtd and my-attributedomain.ent
2) Change all file entities in my-concept.dtd to “..dtd
3) and link your ent file (to my-concept.dtd)
“-//MY-OWN//ENTITIES DITA Attributes//EN”
“my-attributedomain.ent”                                                >
3) and make your attributes known (again in my-concept.dtd)
“%my-first-props-d-attribute; %my-second-props-d-attribute;” >
Note: these entities have to be defined in my-attributedomain.ent.

Other option: start all your files with a prefix like we use “q-” and store them in the dtd folder. You do not touch any OASIS file, at least I do never.

Enjoy specializing!