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Derek Read

Reply to: On_Document_Open_View not fired for DITA maps?

The map editor currently has no APIs (no events, no methods or properties) that you can tie into. It is a closed system and not open for customization at this time.

It sounds like your real issue is that links are not being made relative because users might not save a document before adding links to it (which you are trying to work around by forcing a save). We hope to correct this in the future so that saving a file (map or topic) before inserting a link should not be necessary.

I'm thinking some sort of url adjustment at save time would be the least intrusive but the solution hasn't been decided on yet so I cannot say exactly how it would function. One alternative would be to prompt the user to save before inserting anything containing an href or conref into an unsaved document, or do you think that would be too intrusive? Yet another option would be to force a save right after creating any new document (which is what you are proposing).

Note that whatever is decided on will likely have to take CMS integrations into account, and that might throw a wrench into solutions that might otherwise work when documents are stored only on a local file system.