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Thanks for the input.  So, I figured out how to reset the tool bars, much easier than I thought.

So if one cannot disable a built in CommandBarControl, is it possible to disable the “Reviewing” toolbar as mag3737 stated?

I've tried executing the following code snipped from various macros and it will not disable the Reviewing toolbar.

[code]var cmdBars = Application.CommandBars;
var revBar = cmdBars.item(“Reviewing”);
revBar.Enable = false;[/code]

This does not disable the reviewing toolbar.  I've also tried to individually disable each control within the Reviewing toolbar and had no better success.  But XMetaLOldTimer's note explains why this doesnt work.

Any suggestions?  Is it possible to completely disable the Reviewing toolbar?

Just as a little background I am doing this in a document customization and not an application customization.