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Just to add some more insight:
C:%%INSTALL FOLDER FOR XMAU%%CRCLjsCRCLAdapterInterfaceBaseImpl.js
contains three routines for login, logout and logstatus:
// Login & logout

// success login([string userName], [string password])
CRCLAdapterInterfaceBaseImpl.prototype.login = function(userName, password) {
  // Return login success
  return 1;

// void logout()
CRCLAdapterInterfaceBaseImpl.prototype.logout = function() {
  // Do nada

// void getLoginStatus()
CRCLAdapterInterfaceBaseImpl.prototype.getLoginStatus = function() {
  return -1; // Unknown status – adapter will continue to work as if XM_QueryLoginStatus == false

These routines may need to be adopted and linked to menu items via the other JScript mentioned in my first answer.