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Gunnar, great to talk with you again, and thank you very much for the help! Congratulations on getting your DITA/CMS implementation going strongly. We here at EMC hope Qimonda is enjoying having Documentum as part of the package.

It is good to know that SVG image insertion is fixed in XMetaL Author Enterprise Edition (judging by your source code sample). Every time I insert an SVG image with 5.0 SP1, I get an error dialog and the image does not insert. I need to insert instead.

I think users will be OK without seeing the image inline, at least for now. I will need to update the XSLT to process for assembly and change toas you indicated for help output.

Thank you very much for your assistance in getting us jump-started, Gunnar. I'll let everyone know how things go!

Paul Masalsky