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With formatting-related questions, there will always be different answers depending on whether you are talking about the appearance within the XMetaL editor, or the appearance in your final output (and whether it's PDF, HTML, or other output formats).  I assume that you are asking about your final output, and that you want PDF.

I find it's helpful to think of things this way:  When you are creating content and XML markup in XMetaL, you are not creating output.  You are creating input that will shortly be used by another process to create output.  If you're using DITA, that other process is the DITA OT (“Generate output” in XMetaL).

With that in mind, your question becomes “what elements or attributes can I use that will result in having indented text in my output?”

Then the answer depends on your output type.  Different output types — even the different PDF types — may have different appearances for the exact same markup.  Unfortunately, I don't know any elements that are rendered as indented text in the PDF output.  (But there are many DITA elements that I don't know all about.)  The element comes very close — it's rendered as indented in the XMetaL Enhanced PDF output (and also in the HTML output), but in the PDF it has a box drawn around it.  This means that to achieve your goal may require modifying the XSLT transformations in one of the output types.