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Su-Laine Yeo

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Hi Paul,

A datasheet for XMetaL, DITA, and Sharepoint is in the works and should be available soon. Here is a feature list:

– From within XMetaL, you can browse and navigate SharePoint libraries to open documents in XMetaL.

– The “Browse” button in DITA dialogs for images, topicrefs, conref/reusable components, xrefs, etc. will bring up a dialog to browse the Sharepoint repository. All features for viewing and updating referenced content work.

– Browse DITA map files using the graphical DITA map editor side panel, and add new or existing DITA topics from your SharePoint repository.

– When you use XMetaL to open a document, it is automatically checked out from SharePoint to ensure that other users cannot accidentally make conflicting changes to the document, and cached on your local machine so you can work with it offline. After making changes, you can check the new version of the file directly back into SharePoint without leaving the XMetaL user interface.

– You can store XMetaL templates on a SharePoint repository and create new documents using those templates.

– Only authenticated users can access documents from your SharePoint repository, and XMetaL respects SharePoint permissions for all content.

– The features for generating DITA output (PDF, HTML, online help, etc.) and for previewing output work when the source files are stored in SharePoint libraries. XMetaL processes links, content references, and all other types of references within and between documents accurately even if team members have updated and checked in new document versions.