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Derek Read

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To answer this question easily we need to know the following:

Which DTD or Schema are you working with? (this is why people are asking about “DITA”)

Which table model does the DTD use? XMetaL supports HTML, CALS, and “semantic” tables.

Are you asking about modifying the width during editing or in output?

The first two have official specs (HTML at W3C and CALS at OASIS) and XMetaL Author allows you to modify the width for both of these very easily during editing through the user interface, either by dragging borders or using the Table Properties dialog, provided your DTD or Schema defines these tables using the proper attributes to support this.

Semantic tables are any group of elements you have customized (usually using XMetaL Developer) to render as a table using CSS settings. The width of semantic tables is automatically determined by the content it contains, but will not render larger than the width of the current editing width of the document containing it.

When producing output the width of tables is defined directly as a result of the process used to generate that output in combination with the XML being passed to that process. The transformation process might use XSLT, XSLT + XSL-FO, or some other method. So, knowing the table type is important, knowing which tool you are using to generate output is important, as well as the type of output you are producing.

If you are working with DITA documents then we might assume you are using the DITA Open Toolkit that is integrated with XMetaL Author Enterprise. In that case we still need to know which type of output you are attempting to produce.