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Seems that my use case was not made clear. There should be [u]a single hotkey[/u] (not 3 as with emacs) [u]that cycles the capitalization[/u] of
– the selected text or
– the whole node if no character is selected but cursor is inside a tag and no punctuation marks
– the text between two punctuation marks prior and after cursor position.
After 4 key strokes all is back to the start (in case the text was following one of the capitalization rules already. The text the macro was operating on should be selected after each run to highlight what is thougt to be the sentence to operate on in case the keystroke is hit again.
Problem with title case: Well understood. [u]But I want to be pragmatic.[/u] Without a simple code I have to do all manually. Correcting “Of” to “of” isn't that difficult. We are [u]not[/u] talking of mass correction of content in element which should be handled by a perfect XSLT handling all exceptions.<br />[u]My target:[/u] simple and short code (KISS) + real support for the person coping with a monotonous task.<br />Thank you for your patience trying to understand my issue 🙂