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My client is currently setting up XMetaL for one of its documentation groups. Due to limited scope and output requirements for the documentation set, we are using XMetaL essentially out-of-box, but would like to integrate with a version control system for file security. The client already has a site license for Perforce, but we cannot locate an adapter for it. We could check in/out independently of XMetaL, but would prefer tighter integration if this is possible without excessive development effort. Does the adapter already exist, or are there plans to create one?

Derek Read
Program Manager (XMetaL)

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There is no known integration with Perforce.

XMetaL Author Enterprise includes an integration layer that CMS providers can use to create integrations. It is called XMetaL "Connector". There are no plans at this time for JustSystems to create an integration with Perforce however, and because this is not a trivial undertaking it is not something we expect clients to be able to do themselves. You may wish to contact the maker of any CMS system that does not currently have an integration (including Perforce) to ask if they would consider creating one. If it makes sense for them to create an integration (not every product is suitable for XML document management and the economics might not be there either) they can then partner with JustSystems and our development team can provide them with the necessary SDK and instructions to do this work.
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