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Author Topic: Call VBScript function from JScript?  (Read 3536 times)

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Is there any way in a .mcr file to have a JScript macro call a VBScript function in a different macro?

simple example: (running macro "runMsg")

<MACRO name="getMsg" lang="VBScript"><![CDATA[
    Function displayMsg()
        MsgBox "Hello"
    End Function

<MACRO name="runMsg" lang="JScript"><![CDATA[

I currently get error "Description: Object expected"

Using "Application.Run..." won't help because, in reality, I need to pass a string to the VBScript function which then needs to return a string to the JScript macro.
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Derek Read
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Because of the way Windows script engines work you cannot mix things like this.
I can think of two solutions I can think of.

1) Rewrite the function that is being called in JScript or rewrite the calling code in VBscript.

2) Leave things as you have them and use a DocumentProperties object to temporarily store your string then at the start of the called macro read the value in.

Here are examples directly from the Programmer's Guide:

Setting a value using the Add method:
var curDoc, curDocProps;

Reading the value using the Item method (I've changed the last line to be an Alert rather than SaveAs):
var curDoc, curDocProps, ptf;
ptf = curDocProps.item("PreviewTempFile");

Which of these two options is more work I cannot say as you have simplified your example. If it was truly as you have written, or even if it was 10 or 20 lines, I'd probably take a few minutes to rewrite one of them just to make things easier to debug.

In general I would recommend standardizing on one scripting language for everything and then maybe, if there was something only a specific language can do, make that one exception (however, in my experience there always seems to be a way).
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