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Balisage: The Markup Conference
Montréal, QC
August 3-6, 2010

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing information. This event is for anyone and everyone interested in open information, reusable documents, vendor and application independence, and the other benefits of descriptive markup. Discussion is open, candid, and unashamedly technical. Content-free marketing spiels are forbidden.

If your toolkit includes markup, and you care about keeping your tools sharp; if you are a markup geek and happy to be one; if you are NOT a markup geek but find it informative to hang around with them now and then, you should enjoy Balisage.

A JustSystems representative will be attending the conference; if you would like to meet with us, please let us know at contactsales-na [at]

For more information, go to the conference website at
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