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Author Topic: [JustSystems] XMetaL XMAX and XMetaL Developer 6.0 Launched  (Read 2767 times)
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JustSystems Launches XMetaL XMAX and XMetaL Developer 6.0

XMetaL XMAX Integrates Structured Authoring Capabilities for Deployment Across Enterprise; XMetaL Developer Lets Users Customize XML Authoring

NEW YORK and VANCOUVER — April 14, 2010 —
JustSystems, the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide leader in XML and information management technologies, today announced the launch of XMetaL® XMAX and XMetaL® Developer 6.0. With version 6.0, JustSystems is broadening support for a wider variety of customized XML formats. Included in both products is the autocorrect and background spellchecking feature, W3C XML Inclusion support, support for the W3C XML schema, ‘xs:redefine,’ and support for Windows 7.

“XMetaL XMAX and XMetaL Developer are geared toward our channel partners who are out in the market selling and deploying our product lines. The latest versions of these tools arm our partners with a whole new set of authoring capabilities that they can integrate with their own products,” said Tim Groeneveld, vice president, sales for JustSystems. “In turn, the end users reap the benefits of a more tailored structured authoring solution that is in alignment with their specific business needs.”

Inside XMetaL XMAX 6.0

XMetaL XMAX is an embeddable ActiveX component designed for developers to integrate structured authoring capabilities into custom environments. Enterprise organizations can leverage it to create a lightweight, easy-to-use XML editor that can be deployed without the IT overhead of desktop installers. XMAX integrates structured authoring capabilities for deployment across the enterprise and offers the following benefits:

  • Can be deployed in thin-client applications to make structured content more widely accessible with minimal IT costs
  • Empowers non-technical contributors to create richly structured content, with minimal learning curve
  • Tightly integrates XML authoring capabilities into custom workflow applications and web publishing systems
  • Includes flexible concurrent-user licensing model that allows users at different levels to view or edit XML content at any time without needing to install a bulky, desktop-based editor

Inside XMetaL Developer 6.0

XMetaL Developer is a tool for fast configuration of XML content authoring solutions that combines best-in-class development tools in a robust and flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It lets organizations customize XMetaL® Author and XMAX to best suit the people who will use them — resulting in greater user adoption and higher productivity. It provides flexibility in customization and deployment, optimizing the environment to reflect the natural work style of users. Based on Microsoft Visual Studio® with support for standard scripting languages, XMetaL Developer will help programmers become immediately productive and focus efforts on creative problem solving and value-add innovation. XMetaL Developer lets the enterprise:

  • Build and configure highly productive authoring interfaces
  • Use common scripting languages for faster configuration
  • Leverage an open architecture and standards-based approach that minimizes developer learning curve

To learn more about XMAX 6.0, go to, and to learn more about XMetaL Developer 6.0, go to For more information on JustSystems, please visit and the JustSystems Knowledge Center at

About JustSystems

JustSystems is a leading global software provider with three decades of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. With over 2,500 customers worldwide, the company is continuing a global expansion strategy based on its XMetaL content lifecycle solutions. Major strategic partnerships include IBM, Siemens and EMC. For more information, please visit
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