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Author Topic: [JustSystems] Dec 4/08 Webinar: Structured Content Across the Customer Lifecycle  (Read 4018 times)
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Topic: Extending the Value of Structured Content Across the Customer Lifecycle

Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008
Time: 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET
Presented by:
  • Joan Lasselle, President, Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc.
  • Jana Humphreys, Director of Operations, Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc.
  • Tom Voltz, Technology Manager, Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc.

Most companies approach product content through discrete processes that differ from function to function. This silo-ed approach results in a fragmented customer experience that doesn't support your brand identify or link to the task at hand. It also creates redundancy that wastes company resources, lengthens cycle time, and increases cost. This Webinar will help you understand why you need to implement structured content strategies beyond traditional technical publications to include the complete customer lifecycle.

What you will learn:
  • Why content management is a business practice not a technology
  • Why you need to systematically address user content needs
  • How you can map the content model to the complete customer lifecycle

Register at:
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