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Author Topic: Error in an Application Customization Project with a XSD file  (Read 2423 times)

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For one of my project, I have to make customization from XSD files.

Some customizations already exist, but from DTDs.

I would like to keep the same architecture.
So under the root, I have :
- one CSS file as "CSS styles file for Normal view"
- one CTM file as "Customization File"
- one TBR file as "Toolbar File"
- one XSD file as "W3C XML Schema document"
- one CSS file as "CSS styles file for Structure View"
- a directory that contains macros

When I wand to build my solution, I have 5 warnings and 1 errors for the files (not macros)
- warnings example:
Project Validation Warning: XMetaL Toolbar file (fileTest.css) in Application Customization Project.
Remove this/these file(s) from the project or change their UseAs property to <not set>.
- error example:
Could not create compiled rules file.

I would like to point out that when I open the xsd file (when it is not included in a solution), it is said as valid.
When I add this file to my project, a error occurs :
The data file parsed errors.
Error compiling "C:\.......\fileTest_tmp.xsd" file.
Error in the Document Type Definition: Bad characters in Declaration Subset. Excpected'<!'.

As you can see, the file is copied in a temporary one (fileTest.xsd --> fileTest_tmp.xsd).
Why the same file, whether it is included in a project or not, seems to be valid or not ?

I hope someone could help me.

Thank you in advance,

Details :
- XMetal 5.0
- XMetaL Developer via VS.NET (2003 edition)
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