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Author Topic: New ... Tab Group click the x icon to close and the file_close macro XMetal 11  (Read 12 times)

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« on: May 18, 2018, 02:08:02 PM »

We're using XMetal on Windows 7.

We have code that runs on the FILE_CLOSE event macro that basically does some document cleanup and calls ActiveDocument.Close().  This worked fine in XMetal 7 even if the user had "tiled" their windows using the Window menu.  However, with the introduction of Tabs, and specifically Tab Groups, our macro fails to close the correct document in one specific case.  When a user has created a new "Tab Group" (horizontal or vertical), and they click the little x on the tab associated with a document that isn't the active document (their cursor is in another document), the document with the cursor closes.  In other words, clicking the x does not activate the document contained in that tab before closing.  Is this a bug?  Clicking the tab itself activates the document, but clicking the little x does not.  Any help with how we could catch this event and close the appropriate document would be appreciated.  

As an aside, if we disable our FILE_CLOSE event macro, XMetal knows to close the correct document.  We just need to know too :)

As another aside, we submitted a support case for this as well.
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