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Using XMetaL Author Enterprise on Windows 7 with default DITA version set to 1.2 in the DITA Options.

We are noticing the following behavior when including references to DITA maps from within a DITA map in conjunction with the @navtitle attribute. If the referenced DITA map is a regular map, XMetaL shows the value of the @navtitle attribute as before. If the referenced DITA map is a bookmap, the @navtitle attribute is ignored and the ID value of the referenced map is displayed.

Reference to a regular map:
<topicref format="ditamap" scope="local" href="command_central/_command_central_help.ditamap" navtitle="Command Central Help"/>

Reference to a bookmap:
<topicref navtitle="Element ID :bookmap_A5B7B17D145749FC9C631614A439B8AC" href="installer/_using_installer.ditamap" scope="local" format="ditamap">

This happens with <topicref> and <mapref> alike, starting with XMetaL 12.

I understand the @navtitle is deprecated with DITA 1.2, but we have many DITA maps with that attribute, including nested DITA bookmaps, and they are now all displaying the Element ID as navtitle.
A workaround is to set the @locktitle attribute to "yes" on the topicref, but my question is: what should we be doing? What is the recommended format of a topic reference in a DITA map?

Marc Beckers
Software AG
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