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Using XMetaL Author Enterprise 11.0

Is there any way in Xmetal to see an alphabetical list of the index terms that I have for all topics in a map ? (without actually publishing to a different format?)
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You can get close. Might be good enough.

You can find all the <indexterm> elements and list them but not alphabetically. You'd need to copy them somewhere else to do additional work on it to sort it somehow. If you have access to a program like Notepad++ or Excel you could paste it in there, optionally remove some information and sort it.

1. Open your map.
2. From the Edit menu select Find in Files.
3. Switch to the Markup tab.
4. In the "Element" field enter "indexterm" (no quotes).
5. In the "Look in" field select your map.
6. Click the Find button.
If you just want to see them all then you're done. There's no way to sort this stuff though. It is listed by item location, which includes the file and where it appears in the file.

If you need to do something with the list then:
1. In the Results window click the 3rd button to "Switch View" (at this point you might be done if you just prefer this kind of listing).
2. Select just the portion of the results you want (from the start to just before the "Summary".
3. Press Ctrl C to copy that.
If it is useable as is then you're done.

If you need to manipulate the results then use some other application.
Notepad++ can do some interesting stuff:
1. Paste the results into Notepad++.
2. Remove all the lines that say <indexterm>:
    a) From the Edit menu select Line Operations > Sort Lines Lexicographically Ascending (you might be done at this point).
    b) Select the lines you don't want to keep and delete them. I assume this is likely about as far as anyone would need to go?

Similar manipulations could be done in any application that can sort plain text, including tools like Microsoft Excel (though after pasting into Excel you don't really have plain text anymore).
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