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Note: If you prefer receiving email notifications to using a feed reader you may find it simpler to just click the "Notify" button inside each board to receive activity updates via email for that board.

The forum supports Atom, RDF, RSS 0.91, and RSS 2.0 feeds.

Check your feed reader for the types it supports. Some applications handle them all and some have a preferred type.

Select from the following base URLs to obtain your desired feed type:;type=atom;type=rdf;type=rss;type=rss2

By default the 5 most recent posts are listed. To increase this number add the following (including the semicolon) onto the end of the URL you chose above:

...where # is a value from 5 to 255.


To limit the results to specific boards add the following (including the semicolon) to the end:

...where x,y,z,etc... are the board numbers.


To find a board's number go to the board and without selecting a topic within the board check the URL, or go to the main forum page, hover over the link to the board and check the statusbar text in your browser (if it displays the real URL for links). Note that the part the ends in ".0" is not really necessary.

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