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Author Topic: Automatically adding topicref type attribute in DITA maps  (Read 1486 times)

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« on: May 19, 2015, 12:52:05 PM »

We recently upgraded to XMetaL 8 from XMetaL 6. Unfortunately we customized publishing transforms to depend on the automatic addition of the type="" attribute when <topicref type=”task”> is added to a map. As explained in,3075.0.html, this capability was removed with XMetaL 8.

Several users have indicated that it's difficult to remember to manually add <topicref type=”task”>, so I've contemplated writing a macro that would automatically populate the type="" attribute. I'm fairly confident it would work with Insert -> Topic Reference in XMetaL 8. But we also have a CMS integration (SDL Live Content Architect 2013) with an authoring bridge. Does anyone know if the authoring bridge invokes the same methods as Insert -> Topic Reference in XMetaL 8? If so, I could write the macro with more confidence about Insert -> Topic Reference working in SDL Live Content Architect 2013's Publication Manager software (which we use as an authoring companion to XMetaL 8).

Paul Masalsky
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