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Hi there,

I've been playing around with DITA (XMetaL Author 9.0) for around about a week now and just wanted to know if anyone had any good resources or tutorials for specialization? I've been over the document and I'm struggling to plough through the pages and pages of text and make much sense of it. I follow some examples to the letter and still get errors.

I understand that the basics but I'm a bit confused about file locations. Why does it seem that I have to have all my .mod and .ent files in ProgramData and in the project folder? The folder is getting pretty clogged up with files from multiple projects.

I may be entirely wrong here but it only seems to work when I do that. Any resources to help me understand specialization syntax would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I'm also looking for a book on DITA. A lot of reviews complain about the lack of explanation for specialization, any recommendations?
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