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We have situation in XMetaL 8 using Documentum Webtop connector where we need to prevent the users from drag-n-drop of documents from certain folder. We can't hide the folder or make it private. All documents must have read-only permissions. So can't use ACL to prevent. I was thinking of looking at the repository folder path of the document during drop operation and stop it there. Is there a way to find out repository folder path of document being dropped into XMetaL editor.

XMetaL Author Enterprise 8.1
XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop

Thanks in advance.
Derek Read
Program Manager (XMetaL)

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« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2014, 12:02:58 PM »

As making modifications like this to XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop are unsupported I do not want to attempt to answer this on the forum.

It would be best for you to contact XMetaL Support and request a feature that would support this use case. It may or may not make sense for JustSystems to implement this however. It might make more sense for EMC to do so. Once the feature request has been made that can be decided. You will need to make the request so that XMetaL Support knows who it is for.
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