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Author Topic: XMetaL Error: Entity "apos" & DTD not found  (Read 1659 times)

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I'm using XMetaL v6.0.2.070 and Windows 7. We are using an hosted repository (SDL) for our DITA solution. Recently I ran into the following error messages after changing the default location to temporarily store remote files (Tools > Options).

Basically I changed the default folder location from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\ to my F: drive.

The error messages I see are as follows:

Error in the Document Type Deinition:
Entity "apos" is referenced but not defined. Error occured in the content of parameter entity "data-about.attributes, refernce from parameter entity "commonElements", references from pararameter entity "topic-type"

I then click OK.

Then the following error message appears:

DTD not Found
F:\path to my file.xml could not be opened because a DTD could not be found. What would you like to do?" (Browse for DTD, use default rules).

Any ideas?

I went back and changed the path to the default local path but the same message is appearing. Even went through the steps of reinstalling XMetaL and same issue. Others in my group have no problems at all (but they haven't attempted to alter the local path). This issue occurs on any XML (map/topic) I attempt to open in XMetaL.

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