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« on: January 30, 2013, 12:05:05 PM »

Is it possible to programmatically change the toolbar Icon? I am trying to make a menu item that toggles between checked and unchecked. The icon sets correctly when the Xmetal starts and it works when I don’t have any documents open.

But I can’t seem to change the icon or faceID when a document is open. I call MakeFaceId in my macro and assign the new faceID to the button Popup doesn’t change In the GUI. I even tried deleting the popup button and recreating it.  How can I  change a toolbar icon in a custom macro ?

Update: Never mind, I figured it out. I was using a static var reference to the command bar that was initialized when the macro loaded. Looks like I have to re obtain the command bar since its probably the DTD specific menu bar.
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