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Author Topic: Problems with Multiple HTML files output in XMetaL 7  (Read 2135 times)
« on: January 09, 2013, 12:50:51 PM »

I have a project in which the topics are located in three folders: one for the glossary, one for topics  pertinent to all users, and one for the topics pertinent to a subset of users. This content is translated into several languages. We store our XML source in Subversion, so I use the configure output settings to specify a different folder for the output files.

Here's my example:


In earlier versions of XMetal, when I used the multiple HTML files output, the created HTML files would mimic the folder structure of the source files. I would specify that the files should be built in a folder called en_ft, and I would get these two folders:


However, now with XM 7, I do the same thing. I specify that the HTML files should go in a folder called en_ft, and I get this:

ditaoutputs\en_ft: Contains the HTML files that were located in the tree folder without the images folder
ditaoutput\tree\images: Contains the images folder (The image files should be in ditaoutputs\en_ft\images)
ditaoutputs\treemember\images: contains the images associated with the member-only content.

The glossary and member-only HTML files (in treemember) are nowhere to be found.

The bookmap is stored in the tree folder. I use conditional processing within the maps and the topics.

Am I missing something here?

After looking at the log file, I wonder if Ant is not configured correctly. I really do need to be able to keep these topics in separate folders.

The log file contains error messages like this:

[gen-list] Processing C:\Users\VanWagenenL\Documents\help-source2\zh\tree\map_tree_using_familysearch_family_tree_bookmap.ditamap</log_line><log_line>
[gen-list] [DOTJ036W][WARN] The file "C:\Users\VanWagenenL\Documents\help-source2\zh\treelds\r_tree_quick_ref_full_description_temple.dita" referenced by "C:\Users\VanWagenenL\Documents\help-source2\zh\tree\map_tree_using_familysearch_family_tree_bookmap.ditamap" is outside the scope of the input dita/map directory. If you do not want to see the warning message, please use the Ant parameter 'outer.control', and set the value to "quiet". Otherwise, move the referenced file "C:\Users\VanWagenenL\Documents\help-source2\zh\treelds\r_tree_quick_ref_full_description_temple.dita" into the input dita/map directory.</log_line>
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Any progress here? Should I submit this as a support case? It's been a few days now.
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Yes, if you need immediate help with any particular issue then you should submit it to XMetaL Support.

See first link on this board:,14.0.html,384.0.html
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