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Author Topic: [Partner Webinar] Go Mobile, Go Global with DITA and Controlled English  (Read 3256 times)
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Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012
Time: 7:00am PST | 10:00am EST | 3:00pm GMT | 4:00pm CET

John Smart, President of Smart Communications, Inc
Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems
Gordon Dennis, Commercial Director of Koala Publishing Ltd.

Register here:

This webinar describes DITA implementation plans designed for global product support. Learn about the kinds of problems faced by corporations as diverse as Ford, Emirates Airlines, and Disney Corporation. Any size of company can benefit from DITA and a minimalist approach to multilingual documentation.

XMetaL Author Enterprise from JustSystems is an XML editor with an interface familiar to anyone who can use a word processor, so getting up to speed is a matter of a couple of hours, not a couple of months. XMetaL Author Enterprise provides an out-of-the-box fully DITA-compliant solution designed for non-technical users.

Controlled English is a minimalist approach to user documents that follows the lead of DITA. Learn how XMetaL Author creates the structure and how Controlled English adds the simplification and consistency of terminology. To quote the famous Walt Disney lyric, "it's a <b>small world</b>".

Koala’s Modulux product is a lightweight topic repository that includes automatic version control, archive and permission management. Closely integrated with XMetaL Author, Modulux provides an automatic document manifest with an easy "find where used" search feature. And to meet globalisation demands, technical information can now be delivered by Koala’s Mobile4Docs directly to mobile devices.

The webinar provides an action packed 45 minutes of valuable information about DITA with real world examples, “how it’s done” templates, and action-plan frameworks.

About the Presenters:
  • John Smart, President of Smart Communications, Inc. New York has 25+ years of experience in the development of controlled languages for maintenance and user documentation. The Smart Controlled English techniques are used in 190 countries.
  • Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist with JustSystems, is an expert on DITA and XML with 17+ years of experience in structured authoring and related technologies.
  • Gordon Dennis, Commercial Director of Koala Publishing Ltd, has 30+ years in software development and documentation projects. He has worked with XML since its introduction.

Facilitated by: Robin Shobbrook, Quality Manager, Koala Publishing Ltd. Robin has 30+ years in documentation development and is qualified to the standards of the International Software Testing Quality Board.
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The recording is now available. Please view/download the webinar:

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