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Author Topic: Temp filenames in HTML output with Share Point  (Read 1595 times)

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« on: August 08, 2011, 09:07:56 AM »

I'm using Xmetal Author 6.0 SP edition and I have an issue where the file names for HTML output is using the temp filenames instead of the original dita/xml filenames:

When a DITA file is transformed to html, the name of the dita file (c_overview.xml) should become the name of the html file (c_overview.html). This applies to the WebHelp, Eclipse, and XHTML transform. 

In our current implementation, however, XMetal fetches the xml file from sharepoint (c_overview.xml), renames it to some random temp name (rad38F2_tmp.xml), and places it in a temp folder on the local C: Drive (ex. c:\temp\radA48f.tmp\). When it does the transform to html, it uses this temp name (which changes each time you generate the files) as the html output name (rad38F2_tmp.html). So c_overview.xml will become rad38F2_tmp.html in the WebHelp or Eclipse plugin, and then the next time you build, some other temp name (radR55G_tmp.html or what ever).

Does anyone know how to change the configuration so that this does not happen?


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