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Author Topic: Replacing front matter  (Read 2861 times)

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« on: May 03, 2011, 08:20:57 PM »

Using XMetal 6.0 Author and Render X XEP PDF output, I'm trying to modify the first page of the PDF document so that it contains more than just the title, namely a paragraph following the title, several other lines, and a logo.

I've been looking into trying to edit the front matter template but it's pretty unwieldy since it calls in the title from the title of the top bookmap, applies attributes to it and so on, but has no code for inserting other paragraphs or images.

I was able to suppress the built-in title page completely by commenting out the line:

<!--xsl:call-template name="createFrontMatter"/-->

in the file:

...\AppData\Roaming\SoftQuad\XMetaL Shared\DITA_OT\demo\xmfo\xsl\fo\root-processing.xsl

So now the PDF document starts right at the TOC.

I also have a topic I created that has everything on it I want, title, text, logo, etc, and I inserted it into the front matter section of the bookmap. However this of course comes in the PDF after the TOC, not where I need it to be.

So several possibilities:

1) Figure out how to put this topic as the first page of the published PDF.

2) Figure out how to insert text, images, and so on in the existing title page (and turn it back on by uncommenting the line above).

3) Something I haven't thought of.

This: seems a pretty good tutorial about the front matter, but I've only gotten as far as all of the above despite studying it fairly closely.

It would be a matter of rebuilding the front matter template entirely I suppose, but I'm hoping someone has a better idea (or perhaps can just include the code for doing so).

Is there some way for instance to just remove everything about the front matter template in the file frontmatter_1.0.xsl, and tell it to just pull in a topic instead?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 09:52:59 PM »

Hi Jepry...did u find a solution to the issue mentioned.

We are also facing the same issue. Could u pls get back at the earliest.

Thanks in advance...
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