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  • XMetaL @ NLDITA Tools 2011: April 01, 2011
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Author Topic: [Sperotech] XMetaL features @ NLDITA Tools 2011  (Read 2981 times)

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Sperotech is proud to announce that - in cooperation with JustSystems' - it will demonstrate the XMetaL Products for DITA Authoring on NLDITA Tools 2011, April 1 in Utrecht. Demos will be centered around usability, reuse, customizability, extensibility, collaboration and reviewing. XMetaL’s ability to work well with a variety of content management systems is a key product differentiator, so we will be showing that as well.

There will be three running demonstrations of 1 hour each, in the morning starting at 9.00 am. See the program at for more information. XMetal products have a lot of excellent features, too much to demonstrate them in one hour. Let us know which feature you would like to have demonstrated by rating the features in the NLDITA 2011 XMetaL Demo Feature Selector on
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