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Topic: Changing the conversation: Championing the Business Impact of XML and DITA

Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011
Time: 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

Joan Laselle, Laselle Ramsay & Ben Colburn, Courseware Development Lead, Education, Citrix Systems Inc

To be successful with the move to structured content you need to communicate the rewards of XML and DITA in terms of what you are doing to improve the business, and you need to back them up with a financial analysis that supports your claims and provides the model to measure results. In other words, you need a business case. Organizations often focus on the financial impact of the move to structured content, in particular Cost Savings but neglect to think about how new tools and processes can bring about innovation.

This webinar goes beyond a discussion of reuse metrics and ROI to help you understand how to present your initiative as an integral part of the business strategy, with real and measurable financial impact both through cost savings and increased capabilities.

Through examples and case studies, this webinar will discuss:
• How to align with your corporate goals and identify how the move will improve the business
• Success factors for building a business cases
• How to gather baseline data and define the benefits associated with the project
• Generate an ROI
• Looking at enhancing the business through new content capabilities

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This webinar is now available at

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