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Author Topic: On_Document_Open_Complete and On_Document_First_Draw  (Read 2430 times)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

         I have created a test program in C# to use XMetaL Documents.Open() API method to open an xml document in XMetaL. when the program runs, it does open the xml document in XMetaL, however, XMetaL does not fire the On_Document_Open_Complete event, and On_Document_First_Draw. What I discovered is that if I called document.Activate() method after I called Documents.Open()  method, then XMetaL fires the On_Document_Open_Complete event. However, the On_Document_First_Draw event is never fired when it called through Documents.Open() method. Does any know when the On_Document_First_Draw event fired if I open the xml document through Documents.Open() method ? I am currently using XMetaL 5.5 Essential.


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