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 on: June 19, 2017, 03:27:23 AM 
Started by MichaelLohr - Last post by MichaelLohr
Hi Addam,

Thanks for your information.
I'm pretty new to XMAX development.
How do I use this *.mcr file?
I can only see a *.ctm file next to my xsd. Do you have any documentation regarding the *.mcr file?

Best regards,

 on: June 13, 2017, 08:55:59 PM 
Started by MichaelLohr - Last post by XMetaLOldTimer
I put together a HTML sample to try this out and I am seeing the same behavior as you (re: OnDragOver and OnDrop event sinks are NOT called).  

So, I started up the debugger and internally, XMAX (and Author) handles this kind of drag'n'drop using the Windows WM_DROPFILES message.  The code will fire the On_Drop_Files event macro, if present, to permit hooking into this behavior.  XMAX cannot fully utilize this event macro because certain APIs are missing (re: Application.DropFileCount and Application.DropFileName).  Nevertheless, there is a way to disable this functionality by adding an empty doc-level "On_Drop_Files" event macro to your customization's *.mcr file.   Two caveats:

1. This disables dropping of ALL file types into the XMAX window.
2. The system still shows the drop cursor as a plus sign indicating the drop is allowed (eventhough nothing happens later).


 on: June 13, 2017, 09:16:48 AM 
Started by MichaelLohr - Last post by MichaelLohr
Hi Addam,

Unfortunately neither the OnDrop event nor the OnDragOver is thrown if I drop a image from outside the XMAX windows ( from the windows explorer).
These events are only working if I do a drag drop action inside the XMAX control for example dragging an element from one parent to another.

Do you have any other ideas who to solve this.

Best regards,

 on: June 09, 2017, 12:04:25 PM 
Started by jshick - Last post by Derek Read
You might be able to use Find.Execute (the third option in that method, that you have set to be an empty string "", allows you to limit search to within certain elements -- check the Programmers Guide for its full syntax), but I don't think that's what you want.

If your form just needs to move the active selection to the next occurrence of an element then you probably want to use:

If that doesn't point you in the right direction what is the exact goal of your script (in Tags On or Normal views)?

 on: June 09, 2017, 11:01:23 AM 
Started by jshick - Last post by jshick
I'm using Xmetal Author Enterprise 11. I need to fix a form that works in PlainTextView to work in TagsOnView. Basically, the user enters a reference number (e.g.: 101) and the form cycles through all <ref-callout> elements that have an href of "r101". I need to reprogram the script so that it will work in NormalView.

I have the following macro which calls a form:

<MACRO name="find-ref-callout" key="" lang="JScript" hide="true"><![CDATA[
var dlg = Application.CreateFormDlg(Application.Path + "\\Forms\\find-ref-callout.xft");
dlg = null;

The form has an EditBox and a Search button. The onClick event for the search button is associated with this function:

Sub Button1_OnClick()
   findText = "<ref-callout href=""r" + EditBox1.Text + """"
   Selection.Find.Execute findText,"","",,,,boolForward=False
End Sub


 on: June 08, 2017, 04:12:36 PM 
Started by MichaelLohr - Last post by XMetaLOldTimer
You should be able to cancel the drop but you need to implement the _IXMetaLControlEvents::OnDrop event sink function in your application.  The XMAX OnDrop event sink has this signature:

HRESULT OnDrop(IDataObject* dropDataObject, LONG keyState, LONG X, LONG Y, IntegerRefVar* dropEffect, Range* dropPoint, BoolRefVar* handled)

If you set "handled" to VARIANT_TRUE and dropEffect to DROPEFFECT_NONE (from Win32 constants), that should do it.


 on: June 08, 2017, 02:41:29 AM 
Started by MichaelLohr - Last post by MichaelLohr

we are using XMAX Version 10 as embedded contol in a win forms application.

If the user drag and drops a image from the windows explorer into the XMAX control a "Graphic" element showing
the image is inserted.
Is is possible to prevent this behaviour by configuration or code.

I tried to register for the "OnDragDrop"-Event but this is only fired after the "Graphic" element is still inserted.

Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

 on: May 31, 2017, 10:48:43 AM 
Started by ffhum - Last post by ffhum
Product: XMetal Author Enterprise; XMetal for Documentum WebTop;
OS: Windows 7/Windows 10

In the configure output, Advanced tab, the following is listed:

Where is %XMETAL_SHARED_ALL% defined?
When attempting to Preview, the following is in the .log:
C:\Windows>set ANT_PARAM_ALL= -Ddita.temp.dir=\DITA_OT2.2\temp -Ddita.dir=\DITA_OT2.2 -Ddita.dtd.dir=\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/dtd -Ddita.resource.dir=\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/build-resources -Dargs.xmfo.java_maxmemory=1024m -Dargs.logdir=C:\Users\abc1234\AppData\Local\Temp\XMetaL\RENDIT~1\log -Dargs.indexshow=no -Dargs.artlbl=no -Dargs.draft=no -Dargs.xsl=\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/dita2html.xsl -Dargs.css=\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\humana-mentor.css -Dargs.hdr=\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\header.xml\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\header.xml -Ddita.ext=.xml
C:\Windows>pushd "\DITA_OT2.2"
The system cannot find the path specified.
the xm_dita_envar.bat/dita.bat files in same location have:
set ANT_PARAM_ALL= -Ddita.temp.dir=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2\temp -Ddita.dir=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2 -Ddita.dtd.dir=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/dtd -Ddita.resource.dir=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/build-resources -Dargs.xmfo.java_maxmemory=1024m -Dargs.logdir=C:\Users\abc1234\AppData\Local\Temp\XMetaL\RENDIT~1\log -Dargs.indexshow=no -Dargs.artlbl=no -Dargs.draft=no -Dargs.xsl=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2/page-preview/dita2html.xsl -Dargs.css=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\humana-mentor.css -Dargs.hdr=%XMETAL_SHARED_ALL%\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\header.xml\DITA_OT2.2\page-preview\build-resources\header.xml -Ddita.ext=.xml
pushd "%DITA_OT_DIR%"
So it appears that %XMETAL_SHARED_ALL% is not getting set for some reason.

 on: May 24, 2017, 01:52:17 PM 
Started by C4 - Last post by Derek Read
XMetaL Developer doesn't allow you to make changes to portions of the software that are compiled. Any dialogs that are compiled into the software are effectively unchangeable. Writing Tools (which is actually a separate application), aka the spell checker, is one of these. You would need to use some form of DLL hacking tool that lets you make changes to compiled software to make changes to it, and of course I cannot recommend that.

XMetaL Developer is used to create customizations for XMetaL Author and XMAX, and it includes a form building tool that lets you build dialogs ("XFT" forms) that can be run by both of these applications. So, in theory you could try to recreate the entire spell checking UI using XFT but that would be a huge amount of work, and I don't think there are enough APIs provided in our software related to spell checking that would allow you to recreate all the features.

 on: May 23, 2017, 07:17:05 PM 
Started by C4 - Last post by C4
Do you think that if we had XMetaL developer, we would be able to to customise the Spell Checker options or even write something that will do the same job?


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