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 on: May 07, 2019, 01:56:55 AM 
Started by rakesh - Last post by rakesh
Hi Derek,

Yes XMetal 6.0 is working fine on Windows 10. I have attached a screen of "About XMetal Author Enterprise deilog" for your review.

My only concern is when I am opening a xml file (attached) that have a public URI say "<!DOCTYPE urteil PUBLIC "-//MBO//DTD urteil 1.0//DE" "">', the XMetal  stops working and crashed. I am using Windows 7.

I have used catalog file (attached) to ignore doctype from xml but it is not working.

I am using the same setup of XMetal on Windows 10 with the catalog file and it is working fine. XMetal ignore the doctype.

I want to open the attached xml file into my XMetal 6.0.


 on: May 06, 2019, 07:04:45 PM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by Derek Read
If you set the ButtonType property for a button on a form to "OK" its OnClick event will fire when the user presses Enter.

 on: May 06, 2019, 06:53:11 PM 
Started by rakesh - Last post by Derek Read
It seems odd that XMetaL 6 (I'm not sure which product) is running on Windows 10 without issue as that version (all products) was not tested on that operating system. All of the XMetaL version 6 products were released 5 years before Windows 10 was released. If anything I might expect the opposite of what you describe.

Please submit any files necessary to reproduce the issue to XMetaL Support together with detailed description where the files are placed, any specific configuration steps, an XML sample file, etc, so they can try to help.

Keep in mind that version 6 is not supported. It was tested on Windows XP but as Microsoft no longer supports that OS we cannot either. The first version to support Windows 7 was version 8. The first version to support Windows 8 was version 9. And the first version to support Windows 10 was version 11.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with Page Preview, so if that is important please also include information about that in the description of the problem when you submit files to XMetaL Support.

 on: May 06, 2019, 11:34:13 AM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by queshaw
With XFT, how can I make it so that pressing enter submits the form?

 on: May 06, 2019, 07:40:12 AM 
Started by rakesh - Last post by rakesh
Hello Derek,

We are using XMetal 6.0 with our own customization.

Our xml contains URI in doctype which is not resolved at local system, only resolved with in the Citrix environment. For this we have build a catalog file in XMetal's with in the Rule folder.

All is working fine on Windows 10 OS but the same setup and customization is not working on Windows 7. When trying to open the xml file on Windows 7, the XMetal stops working and crashed.

Below is our doctype

<!DOCTYPE urteil PUBLIC "-//MBO//DTD urteil 1.0//DE" "">

Below line show the catalog setting

 Default Catalog for Template and other files

-- entries for urteil dtd --
PUBLIC "-//MBO//DTD urteil 1.0//DE" "urteil.dtd"

-- entries for gesetz dtd --
PUBLIC "-//MBO//DTD gesetz 1.0//DE" "gesetz.dtd"
 W3C DTDs and entity sets

We are really in trouble, we have licensed for XMetal 6.0 and Windows 7 but we are not able to use XMetal's Page Preview at our end.

Please suggest a work around.

Thanks & Regards

 on: May 03, 2019, 11:58:56 AM 
Started by pmasal - Last post by byronViree
The V2 database file you should be looking for is normally called AllPortfolios.tsd
Can you find that one?

Failing that, you should be looking for snapshot files, which normally have the file extension .tsn

 on: April 26, 2019, 11:58:03 AM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by Derek Read
Still guessing a bit but here's an example that might help.

There's an example macro in the Journalist.mcr file called "Insert ULink" that launches a form, lets the user input a Description and URL, and then generates some content in the XML based on that input.

My sample below reuses that form but doesn't tie it to a document (in the original it isn't tied to any document either really, it's just that the Journalist sample is the only one to use it). Instead of inserting the values into the document like the Journalist sample does this sample merely checks the values and displays them.

Not sure what you want to do with your values, but in this example they are now strings and you can do whatever you like with them.

Code: (sample)
//XMetaL Script Language JScript:
var formPath = Application.Path + "\\Forms\\ULink.xft";
var dlg = Application.CreateFormDlg(formPath);

//as long as you don't set the form object to null
//(in this example that's "dlg")
//you can access the controls on it like so:
if (dlg.DoModal == 1) { //user clicked OK button*
var desc = dlg.URLDesc.Text;
var url = dlg.URLLink.Text;
Application.Alert("Description: " + desc + "\n" + "URL: " + url);
dlg = null;

*For a form to return 1 when an OK button is pressed you need to set ButtonType for the button to "OK" (as in this form).
When the user dismisses a dialog using the built-in close button on a form -1 is returned.
When the user dismisses a form using a button with ButtonType set to "Cancel" then 2 is returned.

You should null any references to the form eventually (before XMetaL shuts down, but the safest place is in the same script that launched the form so you know for sure the reference is gone). Windows Script Host (JScript and VBScript) does do garbage collection but the timing is not predictable. XFT's are running as part of an external control (a COM DLL) and COM references need to be cleaned up to make sure the software can properly shut down.

 on: April 25, 2019, 03:52:45 PM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by queshaw
The topic "Associate a form with a customization object" is what I'm referring to. I don't see anywhere a description of how to create a customization object. If a CTM file is a customization object, visual studio tells me I can't add a CTM file to an XMetaL application solution.

The samples seem to be tied to a DTD, I am not doing anything related to a DTD and don't want to bind a form to an element in the XML document being edited. I am so far not getting how a form is associated with program logic by looking at the samples.

The documentation for Application.CreateFormDlg shows DoModal() being called on the object returned. Aside from not wanting a modal dialog box, what object is returned? How do I access the value of forms set in the dialog box after it's been dismissed?

 on: April 25, 2019, 02:49:40 PM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by Derek Read
Have a look at the topic "Associate a form with a customization object".

That discusses how to add added to the CTM file that tell XMetaL Author which form to associate with which element, whether it is embedded or to be launched as a modal dialog and various other settings.

You can also launch a form using an API but the most common method (if you need to associate the form with an element) is to make the associations with the CTM file. The topic "Executing a form as a modal dialog in XMetaL" discusses that and provides the simplest example of launching an XFT as a modal form from script.

The topic "Sample forms" lists the forms provided with the Journalist with brief descriptions (fully understanding what each does is best done by using the Journalist sample and examining it's MCR, CTM and XFT files). Hard to say which one would be nearest to what you want to do.

 on: April 25, 2019, 02:16:13 PM 
Started by queshaw - Last post by queshaw
The documentation for xmetal developer 12 says you can associated a form with a "customization object". But, I see nowhere where it says what a customization object is, or how to create one. Can you elaborate?

Ultimately, I want to present a dialog box to the user and get data from fields in the form to use from a macro, which I take it is the one form that scripts take. I don't see how binding the form to XML could work for me.

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