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Author Topic: List of content management systems that integrate with XMetaL  (Read 12337 times)
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XMetaL Author is the most compatible XML authoring tool for most major content management systems (CMS). Although many companies use XMetaL Author successfully without a CMS, the potential of XML for reuse is most easily fulfilled with a CMS.

Vendor-supported integrations with XMetaL Author Enterprise are available for the CMSs listed here.

Except for the integrations noted below that are provided by JustSystems, most integrations are provided and supported by the respective CMS vendor.
CMS VendorConnector Provided by JustSystems?Additional Info
AlfrescoReva Solutions
Astoria Astoria Software Webinar: Dynamic Content: Maximize the Value of Your Information Assets
Contenta SDL
Documentum® EMC®yesXMetaL® for EMC Documentum®Really Strategies™
ModuluxKoala Publishing Modulux product brief
SCHEMA ST4 SCHEMA GmbH SCHEMA ST4 Content Management System and XMetaL Editor now Available from a Single Provider (German)[/url]
SharePoint MicrosoftyesDetails: XMetaL Author Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint
SiberSafe SiberLogic®
TCToolboxOvidius TCToolbox: The integrated solution for your documentation department.
Teamcenter Content Management and Content Management S1000D Siemens PLM Multiple levels of integration available from JustSystems or Siemens PLM. Integration to RapidAuthor authoring and illustrating application is also available.
LiveContent and Knowledge Center SDL
Vasont®Vasont Systems Vasont's CMS Starter Kit
XDocsBluestream XDocs Features

Other content storage options
You can also store XMetaL Author content using version control systems such as Subversion®, Mercurial, and Microsoft®Visual SourceSafe® but there are no official integrations with these systems. If the system you are working with has an integration with Windows Explorer you may be able to see similar functionality exposed in XMetaL:,1331
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